Farming as a business. Farming as a way of life.

We’re here to serve your agricultural insurance needs as well. If you have a farm, ranch or any other type of agribusiness, we have great plans for you. Your land, your farm and your animals are your version of the American Dream – and you want excellent AG insurance coverage to protect it. Whether you own a few horses, raise heirloom fruits and vegetables for a farmers market or run your family farm or ranch, we offer insurance policies that can be tailored for agribusinesses of all sizes and types.

farm and ranch

We know farms and ranches vary greatly in their size, scope and needs and we offer insurance policies for agribusinesses of all sizes and types. We provide customizable protection tailored to each operation, whether it involves livestock, equine, grain, vineyards, ostriches or llamas.

Our farm and ranch packaged policy conveniently combines personal, farm, business property and liability coverages into a single policy — simplifying your life and your insurance protection.

general coverage options


  • Equipment breakdown
  • Buildings and contents
  • Livestock
  • Farm machinery
  • Farm income loss
  • Residences and household contents
  • Personal property
  • Personal auto


  • Personal/business
  • Farm
  • Equine
  • Commercial auto
  • Farm/personal/commercial umbrella
  • Fire/legal

Equine Owners Insurance

Whether you simply ride for recreation or race, breed or show them – there’s a unique level of enthusiasm, loyalty and pride among the people who own horses. American National understands that commitment.

Our equine insurance helps address the inherent risks involved with owning horses. It’s flexible enough to provide property and liability coverage for operations of various sizes and scopes, yet can be tailored for your specific interest.

general coverage options


  • Residences and household contents
  • Farm products and supplies
  • Barns
  • Tack
  • Hay and grain
  • Farm machinery


  • Horse-related activities and participants at shows, exhibitions and events
  • Riding instruction
  • Boarding
  • Hay and sleigh rides
  • Carriage and buggy rides

choose your enhancements

Our equine-package policy enhancements allows you to select additional coverages that can include protection for valuable papers, records and computer equipment to non-owned tack, golf carts and liability coverage for horse show judges and more. You can also choose coverage for other people’s horses that are in your care whether for training, showing or boarding.

Country Estate Coverage

You have a passion for your land, it’s more than just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.  Sevieri Insurance Group makes it easy for you to protect that lifestyle.  Whether you have a small roadside fruit or vegetable stand sell your wares at local farmers markets, grow your own food or board a few horses, you are at risk for property or liability losses that a typical homeowners policy doesn’t cover.

Country Estate offers built-in property and liability coverages for both farm and residence. If you own horses, Country Estate Equine offers additional coverage for certain horse-related activities. Both Country Estate and Country Estate Equine are offered with two levels of coverage — Select and Premier.
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protection you can count on

Our Country Estate Insurance includes the following coverages, up to specific limits.

Country Estate includes the following coverages:

  • Expanded replacement cost option for residence
  • Replacement cost for household contents, plus identity theft protection
  • Coverage for related structures such as barns, outbuildings or detached garages based on the residence coverage limit
  • Built-in mechanical equipment failures and utility service line failures coverage
  • Farm and personal liability
  • Coverage for farm machinery, livestock and farm products, supplies and tools
  • Coverage for losses from events such as windstorms, hail, fire or theft

Country Estate Equine includes all the above coverages, plus liability coverage for:

  • Horses in your care, custody and control whether for training, showing or boarding
  • Horse-related activities and participants at shows, exhibitions and events, and
  • Coverage for tack belonging to others

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